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Jannu lies as a satellite to the mighty Kangchenjunga, the tallest of the massif’s five peaks. The first attempt to climb Jannu was undertaken in 1959 by a French team led by Jean Franco. Although unsuccessful, the French returned in 1962, when the alpinist Lionel Terray reached the summit via the Southeast Ridge. The steep North Face of the mountain was not successfully climbed until 2004, by a Russian team led by Alexander Odintsov. The Jannu Glacier runs along the whole of Jannu’s North Face.

Photography 1899: Vittorio Sella, Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

Jannu Glacier, 1899

Jannu Single_BW

Jannu Glacier, 2009

Jannu Single_Color

… the Himalayan giants are, with a difference, greater Alps; a glacier is always a glacier; but the scale was far larger and the impression left on the mind one of stupendous vastness.


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Jannu_BW Jannu Glacier
Jannu Detail_BW Jannu Glacier Detail