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As a member of Douglas Freshfield’s 1899 party, Vittorio Sella was among the first explorers to circumambulate the Kangchenjunga massif, an accomplishment that would take over thirty years to repeat. Despite inclement weather and challenging climbing, Sella was able to capture this image of the Kangchenjunga Glacier, skillfully reflecting the enormity of its presence.

Photography 1899: Vittorio Sella, Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

Kangchenjunga Glacier, 1899


Kangchenjunga Glacier, 2009


The view was sensational. We felt the rare rapture of the adventurer who has discovered something worth all his pains.


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Kangchenjunga Pano_BW Kangchenjunga Glacier Panorama
Kangchenjunga Detail_FINAL_BW Kangchenjunga Glacier Detail