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The Kyetrak Glacier (also known as the Gyabrag Glacier) runs along the Northern slope of Cho Oyu. It was first explored in 1921, by the British Reconnaissance team, and marks a commonly used route to Advanced Base Camp on the mountain. It is referred to as the “Tichy Route”, a nod to the Austrian team that made the first successful ascent.

Photography 1921: Major E. O. Wheeler, Royal Geographical Society
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

Kyetrak Glacier, 1921

Kyetrak Pano_BW

Kyetrak Glacier, 2009

Kyetrak Pano_Color

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Kyetrak Glacier Pano_BW Kyetrak Glacier Panorama
Kyetrak Single_BW Kyetrak Glacier Single