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Lower Baltoro

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Henry Haversham Godwin-Austen was the first to ascend the Baltoro glacier, as part of the 19th century’s Great Trigonometric Survey of India. From its height, he was able to accurately measure the mountain we now know as K2.

Photography 1909: Vittorio Sella, Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

Lower Baltoro Glacier, 1909

Lower Baltoro Single_BW

Lower Baltoro Glacier, 2009

Lower Baltoro Single_Color

[The Baltoro Glacier] is so seemingly inert, yet within so full of motion and ceaseless transformation, that one gets an impression as of something furtive and insidious, like a monster crouching.


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Lower Baltoro_BW Lower Baltoro Glacier, Camp Below Liligo