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Main Baltoro

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The Baltoro Glacier, one of the region’s largest, runs through the center of the Karakoram. It is shown here as a match to Vittorio Sella’s spectacular panorama “Moraine Lake on the Baltoro Glacier above Urdukas”.

Photography 1909: Vittorio Sella, Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

Main Baltoro Glacier, 1909


Main Baltoro Glacier, 2009


On the evening before veils of mist and cloud-curtains had so shrouded the landscape that we had not in the least realized the incredible spectacle of glaciers and mountains which now stood revealed in the pale light of morning. The air was perfectly still and just lightly dimmed, like a crystal breathed upon, yet clear enough to show every detail of the marvelous scene.


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