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The Exhibits


In Spring 2012, we embarked upon a journey to Mount Everest Base Camp to set up a miniature version of our “Rivers of Ice” exhibit at the “roof of the world”. This well-attended exhibition was made possible by generous support from Mountain Hardwear and Peak Promotion. A selection of photographs were taken by Alex Ekins, but please also view our snapshots from the expedition on Flickr.





Our 1-year exhibition at the MIT Museum represents glaciers from the Karakoram to the Kangchenjunga regions. Print, projection, and real-life artifacts are the hallmarks of this multifaceted show, and an interactive kiosk will be installed in May 2012. Click the picture to see images from opening day, or stop by anytime before March 2013 and enjoy the exhibit in person! This photoset is also available on Flickr.





Click the image to the left to view images from our flagship exhibition at London’s Royal Geographical Society. Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya will be on display through November 11, 2011, and showcases work from pioneering alpine photographers George Mallory, Major E.O. Wheeler, Norman Dyhrenfurth, and Vittorio Sella. Photographed by David Breashears




Click the image to view a gallery of photos from Coal + Ice, a magnificent exhibition featuring GlacierWorks’ matched photography. Coal + Ice includes the work of 30 photographers from China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, whose work visually narrates the hidden chain of actions triggered by mankind’s use of coal. It was on display at Beijing’s Three Shadows Gallery through November 28, 2011. Photographed by David Breashears.